Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Florida -- Disney

Spring or summer of 2004-2006

Disney World seems to be the place to go with small children (have you heard?). We live in southern CA, so our girls have known the Disney experience since they were very little ones. Disney World is such a strange and fabulous place. Strange because of the masses that pack into this place on any given day (many seeming to leave their manners and common courtesy at home) and fabulous because it is the "happiest place on earth," naturally.
One of my fondest memories was when my youngest was crying for some reason and within seconds a Disney staff person was showering her with stickers and candy and told her, "We don't allow any tears at the happiest place on earth."
We have been there many times because my husband's late father lived in Melbourne and we would always stop at Disney for a few days after our family visit. (More about Melbourne later...)
We have stayed at the Floridian and the Animal Kingdom Lodge... Our favorite was definitely the Animal Kingdom Lodge -- make sure to get a room with a view, so you can wake up with the giraffes, if you are lucky (see the pic above from our room)... The Floridian was nice basically because of the boat shuttle service to the Magic Kingdom...
With two girls, we spent most of our time at the Magic Kingdom... If your daughter like princesses (and who doesn't)... make sure you make reservations (in advance) for the lunch at the castle... All of the princesses will come by your table during your meal and sign autographs and take pictures. This saved us so much time finding every princess in the park (which we have done before)...
Also, we bought Disney t-shirts and had all the characters we met sign them with a permanent marker. Now, make sure you bring your own sharpie (they do not sell them or have any in the parks)... and your child cannot wear the t-shirt... you have to just bring it with you... This was the best -- they absolutely LOVE their signed shirts... much better than their autograph book that just sits on their book shelf.

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