Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dublin & Edinburgh

Summer 2006

I have some Irish in my blood, so I have always wanted to explore Ireland... it seemed so mystical in theory and I have to say... it did not disappoint. Now, our only stop was Dublin and we want to go back to see the rest of the country. But, I think we laughed the hardest listening to an Irish guide describe the city and people... The Irish sure do know how to laugh and we enjoyed every minute there... We visited Dublin Castle and Trinity College and its library -- I love libraries... (A little side note -- the Folger Shakepeare Library in DC on Capitol Hill is my all-time favorite -- awesome!)
The girls loved the castles, which are impressive and make you wish you had read your history book a little closer... It's never too late ;-)

We did stop to pick up a couple of books on the history of Ireland, Scotland and England... I became fascinated by Mary, Queen of Scots... Now, that was a tough chic... Edinburgh was truly amazing... Old Town is just dripping with history and charm and New Town is contemporary and full of life. I loved this sculpture of Sir Walter Scott...

And, this drawing on the ground...

Now, Edinburgh Castle is crazy cool... The Lang Stairs - 70 steps providing access to the summit were built by French prisoners (now that's punishment) -- I would chuckle to myself about this later when we visit Paris and meet some of the rude French people (I should say Parisians because we are told outside of Paris the French can be very friendly... we'll have to test that someday ;-)... Edinburgh Castle is an ancient stronghold that dominates the sky-line of the city from its position atop Castle Rock and it is truly incredible.

From a distance...

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