Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Rome is such an amazing city. We were there briefly a few years ago, but had a chance to stay for a few days last summer. We stayed right in the middle of town and loved our hotel - Hotel Mascagni.
We had so much to see... so, let's get started.

Of course, the girls wanted to see the crypts and catacombs. So, we took them to the Capuchin crypts in the center of Rome -- don't miss it. It was quite disturbing and amazing at the same time. Touring them is unlike anything I have ever done before and probably unlike anything I will ever do again. They do not allow photos or video inside the crypt, but you can read about them here.
This blog does a great job of capturing the crypt though (and they have some amazing photos as well).

We also visited the Catacombs right outside of Rome... It was quite fascinating. The girls were a bit disappointed though -- no bones. Read here to see why.

Then, it was on to other parts of Rome. We decided to visit the Vatican and take a guided tour. This was a great decision since the crowds can really make the journey unpleasant without some knowledgeable guidance, especially with kids. Splurge on the Vatican tour - you will be glad you did.

We also bought an all day bus pass to explore all of the ruins of Rome. You can hop off and on throughout the day. The kids liked this. You must stop at the Trevi fountain and toss a coin in the fountain (with your back to the fountain, of course).

Then, it's off to the Spanish steps to one of my favorite new discoveries in Rome -- the Keats Shelley house. It is at the bottom of the steps and very small. But, if you love Keats or Shelley like my husband and I do, you must stop here.
One last piece of advice... eat gelato every day!! I'm serious. You will thank me later...


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