Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer is almost here!

We are in the midst of planning our summer trips as school is coming to a close for the year. We have two very different trips planned for this summer... the first trip is Canada. The girls grandparents have organized a week-long adventure with the help of a great company called Jet Set World Travel. It will be an on the road family reunion with my entire family. It should be an amazing trip as we explore to Canadian Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer. Everyone I know who has been to Whistler has said it is one of their favorite places. We can't wait!
Our second trip is to Europe... Switzerland, France and Italy. We will be there for almost 2 weeks and have decided to take trains for the entire trip. Actually, we were inspired by my brother's upcoming Ultimate Train Challenge. If you aren't "friends" with him on Facebook, you should do it now! He has been on an almost 2 year long trek around the world. We aren't really sure if he is ever coming home. We would love any tips or suggestions you might have for these cities: Paris, Naples, Positano, Rome and Montreux.
Tip: Did you know that many of the "child discounts" end at age 12, especially in Europe? If you can swing it -- get exploring with your kids now. It's never too early.

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