Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bergen, Norway

Summer 2006

Ahhh, Norway... This was a great stop. The people were so lovely and the sights were gorgeous. But, let me tell you... prices for everything here are outrageous! We stopped in a McDonalds to use the bathroom (really, we did not eat at a single McDonalds on our whole trip -- although it may be tempting sometimes with kids -- don't do it!) A Big Mac was 70 krona -- that's over $11! I even took a picture of it b/c I thought noone would believe me...

We ate lunch in town -- pizza and drinks and it was over $100. Now, the people here are so friendly and pleasant that it does take some of the sting out of it, but I don't know if I could spend more than a few days here or we might have to re-finance our mortgage ;-)
We took a ride on a tram to the top of Mount Floyen. It is about a 7-8 minute ride inside a tunnel and out at the top... so cool and the views of the town were amazing.

A view from a pier in town.

A quaint outdoor cafe by the outdoor daily markets...

They had the coolest town center where locals were playing games outside -- all big versions of traditional gameboard games.

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Commonly Cheap said...

Nice pictures. I'm also a little jealous that you have the summers off to travel. Keep blogging!