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 July 2014

Birthday week for Sue is about to begin with the whole family. We already had a ton of fun in London with them, but now we are meeting up with the boys and girlfriend to my younger brother.
We took the fast train from Paris to Barcelona with my parents and it was really fun. OK, some don't like having their picture taken at hour 6 of the 8 hour train ride. Oh well ;)

My older brother is a travel blogger and has a site called Go, See, Write. Costa Brava is one of his favorite places in the whole world. So, we all had very high expectations. Luckily, they seemed to be met and early on in the trip we understood why this was a favorite spot for him.

We found this gorgeous home called Mas Saline with the most fabulous couple who hosted us there. When I say hosted, I mean they greeted us upon our arrival and made sure we had absolutely everything we needed and stopped by to say goodbye on our last day.

We stopped for gelato every chance we got and it was always amazing.

We also stopped to have our first fish pedicure. You must try it once in your life. It is the strangest feeling, but your feet end up crazy soft when it's over.

Every town had amazing charm from the coastal village of Pals to the medieval village of Torroella de Montgri, which were close to the home where we stayed.

Girona is a wonderful town full of cafes and shops. You could spend all day here just strolling through the town. Keep in mind that the siesta is not an urban myth. Stores close down like clockwork for 2-3 hours every day. It seems like a nice tradition for the locals, but when you have a bunch of women who want to shop, you need to plan your day accordingly.

The world’s largest collection of Dali’s work are in three locations in Costa Brava - Figueras, Portlligat and Pubol, which together are known as the “Dali Triangle.” You cannot leave Costa Brava without visiting at least a couple of these places. We went to his home and the museum in Figueras and they were both quite amazing.

It was a fabulous birthday week for my mom and the family created some great memories in an amazing part of the world.

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