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July 2014

To celebrate my mother's 70th birthday, my family was going to meet up in Spain for a week. But, we decided to take our time getting there since we flew into London with my parents. We would meet up with my older brother, younger brother and his girlfriend in Spain.

We started our adventure in the middle of London. We rented a fabulous apartment through Airbnb just outside of town for four days and it was a great decision. It was spotless and housed the six of us perfectly.

When I was younger, we lived in London for 18 months, so my parents were very familiar with the city. With than in mind, we thought we would try to do some things that they may not have done before. Our first adventure was a guided tour, London Rock music tour. It was really fun and well worth the touristy feel for the day. Everyone has to visit Abbey Road at least once in their life.

I have always wanted to visit the Globe theater. Of course, the original Globe theater burned down in the 17th century, but American actor and director Sam Wanamaker spent over 20 years to rebuild it as close to its original design as possible. The production that week was Julius Caesar in the theater adjacent to the Globe named aptly enough, the Sam Wanamaker theater. We had dinner before the show at the restaurant next door, The Swan, and they brought our bill in a book. Loved it. The production was in the evening and completely lit by candlelight. It was amazing.

Also, if you are visiting London you can't miss seeing the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. It's worth the wait.

You must also stop at one of the many pubs for a pint or a spot of tea and see all of the sights you  can possibly fit in to the time you have there. It's one of my favorite cities to visit. Our girls absolutely love it because they don't have to try to speak another language and well, it's London!

Next stop, Paris for us and Bruges for my parents...

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