Saturday, July 5, 2008

Maryland & DC

Summer 2008

We took the girls to Maryland and DC for the 4th of July and stayed with some old friends in Bethesda... We also stopped by to visit one of my funniest friends, Maggie and her family in Olney... She has a great blog here. On our way to stay with my husband's mother, we stopped by to visit one of our most entertaining friends near Annapolis and he told us how much he LOVES our blog about travelling with kids. He has just become a father himself to a sweet little girl and he is thinking about "blogging" soon. He is just having a hard time deciding on the theme. Here are some topics he is contemplating: "Backyard bird-watching with Daddy" or "A dad's guide to the perfect block party" or my favorite, "The suburban dad's shopping guide." I guess we will just have to wait and see what he picks. He is quite the poet, so I am sure he will be a great blogger. Can you tell that he loves to have his picture taken?

We went with Grandy to Hanover, PA to visit Nana -- she just moved into a nursing home and seems to have adjusted very well. The girls had a great visit with her.

We stayed with Grandy in Arnold, MD... had some crabs, walked around Annapolis and had a great time. The girls loved her dog, Tarquin.

We made a few stops in DC -- Capitol Hill (where I used to live), Smithsonian - Air & Space museum & Natural History museum and the Mall to see the monuments... and the Capitol. The girls loved it. You could spend days here and not see all the sites. Plan your trip soon -- it is amazing...

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Maggie said...

Hey--I'm famous! ;) When can you come back? I wish I could come to San Diego next weekend when Patrick's coming but the kids will have been away for 7 days with Eric and I have to be here when they get back. Maybe we'll come visit next spring break?

Come back anytime and stay with us next time! It was great to see you guys--you're our favorite, most entertaining friends! Tell the girls that Matthew is a lot friendlier than Mimi and he'll be around next time.....